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Ergebnis Arnold Lunn Cup 2010

Ergebnis Arnold Lunn Cup 2010

Nachstehend das erfreuliche Ergebnis des diesjährigen Arnold Lunn Cup:

39 NATIONS took place in the FIS-CIT Arnold Lunn World-Cup Points:

The FINAL took place on March 20. in Mellau

In the season, 34 race events were implemented for ladies and men (in all 4 disciplines).

A total of 606 racers from 39 countries scored points in the Amold Lunn World-Cup.

Every victory scored 50 points, where asone point was given for the 20 th place.

Winner Nations Cup:
1. Austria 4599 Points

2. Italy 3846 Points
3. Germany 3017 Points
4. Spain 3016 Points
5. French 2799 Points

Overall Classification:
Women: 1. Pia Vesztergom,AUT, 2. Pia Sittlinger,AUT, 3. Marta Badia,SPA
Men: 1. SebastianBrandl,AUT, 2. Philipp Scholler,AUT, 3. BenjaminGardet,FRA.

Individual Classification:
Women: 1. Pia Sittlinger, AUT, 2. Nuria Pau, SPA, 3. Marta Badia, SPA,
Men: 1. lan Sedlac, SWE, 2. Pavel Chernichenko, KAZ, 2. Alexey Telminov, KAZ
Women: 1. Pia Sittlinger, AUT, 2. Lisa Breckner, GER, 3. Nuria Pau, SPA.
Men: 1. Benjamin Gardet, FRA, 2. Eduard Font, SPA, 3. Romain Emptaz Colomb, FRA.
Giant Slalom:

Women: 1. Pia Vesztergom, AUT, 2. Luyk van Sacha, NED, 3. Marlene Schmotz, GER.
Men: 1. Sebastian Brandl, AUT, 2. Vladislav Novikov, RUS, 3. David Gruber, AUT.
Women: 1. Maria Mahringer, AUT, 2. Hannah Koeck, AUT, 3. Marjolein Decroix, BEL.  3. Sandra Hoerbiger, AUT.
Men: 1. Sebastian Brandl, AUT, 2. Martin Dengier, GER, 3. Philipp Scholler, AUT.

** please find the race results all on the FIS-CIT site www.ficit.de and l"ac~result  **